Brand Ambassador Program for Almazara de Alcaraz Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why do you want to join this program and be part of a community?

  1. You love the taste and quality of the oil.

  2. Want to be associated with a product aligned with your environmental and social values.

  3. Want to share healthy products with your friends and family.

  4. Want to share the products you love with your dietary interest groups (Vegan, Kosher, etc.)

  5. Want to receive a free Almazara de Alcaraz 16.9 fl oz bottle every other month.

  6. Want to get a 10% discount for you and your friends on specific Louis Organics products.

  7. You are enthusiastic about being one of the first to learn product news and taste new products from Louis Organics.

  8. Want to support small rural sustainable organic farming communities.

How can you qualify for this program?

  1. Have a public Instagram/Facebook account.

  2. Have a minimum of 1,000 followers.

  3. Use Almazara de Alcaraz oil regularly in your kitchen.

  4. Agree to receive e-mails from Louis Organics.

  5. Agree to Louis Organics Privacy Policy.

  6. Agree to Louis Organics Terms and Conditions.

What do you have to do?

  1. Post on social media about Almazara de Alcaraz / Louis Organics products two or more times per month.

  2. Posts can include photos/videos of Louis Organics products, dishes made with Almazara de Alcaraz oil, and their recipes.

  3. Please give us permission to comment and share your posts on our web page and social media platforms, giving you full credit.

Please note that we get a high volume of responses. We will contact you to discuss only if you are pre-selected to be part of this program.

Do you use Almazara de Alcaraz oil regularly in your kitchen?

Thanks for your interest!