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Promoting Healthy Living through Environmental Sustainability

Producer of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gerard Louis

FounderEntrepreneur, Foodie


From our family's travels across Europe in the last two decades, Spain has captured a special place in our hearts for its gastronomy. We had learned that the secret ingredient to the delightful taste, aroma, and magnificent indulgence of every Spanish dish is the use of extra virgin olive oil from the olives of that region. 


After trying different brands in the United States, we realized that it was a real challenge to find an olive oil that matched the taste and quality we had experienced in Spain. There is a wide selection of olive oils in the stores packaged with oils originated from different countries. Some in plastic bottles, sitting on shelves exposed to light and heat, causing it to lose its antioxidants. Use of marketing labeling jargon on bottles that is not familiar to most consumers. It presented an opportunity to develop a solution to provide a trusted place for consumers to buy directly from the source a high-quality olive oil aligned with their social values on the environment. 


So, I decided to break away from the corporate world, leveraging my 25 years of remarkable experience and founded Louis Organics in 2019. Bought a stake in a company made up of small rural sustainable organic olive farms in Spain's South East region. 

We produce the best tasting extra virgin olive oil made from olives of these farms located on the Sierra de Alcaraz mountain range with cold winters and long hot summers ideal for olive cultivation. We follow sustainable farming practices like manure as a natural fertilizer, fallen leaves compost, rainwater harvesting, crop rotation, integrated livestock, and cover crops. We take all measures to preserve its freshness, flavor, and nutrients by harvesting the olives using mechanical means and cold extracting the oil within hours of harvest. The result is intense fruity olive oil with a delightful balance of pleasant spiciness and bitterness taste of green almond, tomato, apple, and freshly cut grass. They are packaged in dark glass bottles at the mill and then stored in a temperature and light controlled facility ready for shipping to customers. We then deliver directly to gourmets and organic markets. 


Our brand Almazara de Alcaraz is a high-quality varietal blend of Picual and Arbequina olives that is the most deliciously surprising and inspired olive oil indulgence. Regardless of the climatic variations of the region, this unique blend delivers a consistent taste every season. It has high Polyphenol (antioxidants) content between 450-600 mg/kg and low acidity between 0.12-0.18 degrees. This oil got recognition at multiple international olive oil competitions since 2016. In 2020 we are very proud to receive the Gold Award at NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition in New York and Ecotrama in Spain. It is certified USDA Organic and Kosher. Available in Delicate, Medium, and Robust intensities. 

We strive to bring awareness about extra virgin olive oil's health benefits to help consumers make healthy choices about the cooking oil they use. Our commitment to the rural farmers is to enable them to earn a fair price for the fruit of their labor so that they are empowered to continue with the generations-old sustainable farming practices.


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