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At Louis Organics, it’s our mission to deliver the best tasting premium quality fresh Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils from small sustainable olive farms in Spain direct to consumers. We are committed to bring awareness to buyers about the health benefits and versatility of Extra Virgin Olive Oil while empowering rural farmers to continue sustainable farming practices under socially and environmentally conscious conditions.


Cooking oil is an inherent part of our diet. Our vision is to help consumers make better choices about the oils they use, helping them raise their awareness and realize their full potential to lead a healthy life style.

Louis Organics is changing the way you shop to find the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils aligned with your social values. We do the heavy lifting to identify these oils. For that we travel to small rural organic farming communities of Spain to meet with the farmers, walk through their olive groves, listen to the history of their farm spanning generations, their passion for olive oil for taste and health, Mediterranean diet, their commitment to protect the environment for future generations and their meticulous farming and production methods from harvest to press. We then personally pick the farms that shares our values and the oils for its taste, quality and aromas. 

We also ensure that these oils are recognized by tasting panel made up of the best possible team of international tasters, with the aim of guaranteeing absolute reliability and rigor in the results. We make them available to you direct from these farms to deliver the freshest oils. 

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What's special about Spanish olive oil?

Taste and Quality: Spain produces some of the world’s finest olive oils. Spain’s geography and climate with extensive mountain slopes, mild or cold winters, and long hot summers are ideal for olive cultivation.

By emphasizing the results of scientific progress and experimentation, Spain has raised the quality and diversity of its olive oils to the highest levels in history. Advanced growing systems, drip irrigation, integrated production and environment friendly growing practices lead to almost perfect fruits which are harvested at their optimum ripeness, when the oil content offers maximum aromas and flavors. In addition to the careful tending and harvesting of the fruit, the use of innovative extraction technology, adapted to the characteristics of each olive variety and their respective degrees of ripeness, yields oil that retains the multiple nuances that existed in the original fruit.

Spain is also the world’s leading source of the golden juice of the olive fruit, the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Unites States consumes roughly 320,000 tonnes of olive oil per year. However, US only produces 5% of that. Almost 50% of the olive oil imported comes from Spain, followed by Italy.

How to get involved?

We are currently recruiting brand ambassadors. We would love to hear from you if you share the passion for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, its benefits, public health, social & environmental responsibility and opportunity to earn income.