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Promoting Healthy Living through Environmental Sustainability

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Gerard Louis

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At Louis Organics, our goal is to deliver the best tasting healthy fresh Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with olives from small rural farms in Spain directly to consumers that is aligned with their environmental social values. Our mission is to bring awareness about the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to help consumers make healthy choices about the cooking oil they use. Our commitment to rural farmers is to help them earn a fair price for their high quality olives so that they are empowered to continue with sustainable farming.

For over two decades, our family has traveled across Europe. When it came to gastronomy, Spain has captured a special place in our hearts. During our time in Spain, we noticed a magnificent indulgence to every Spanish dish. The secret to the unmatched taste, flavor, and aroma was the plentiful use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from that region. It is also a vital ingredient of the health proven Mediterranean diet. 

Back in the United States, we wanted to enjoy cooking with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil similar in taste and quality to the oils we had been accustomed to in Spain. It was also important for us to find a brand that is aligned with our environmental social values.


After trying different brands, we soon realized that it was a real challenge to find an olive oil that matched the taste and quality we had experienced in Spain. As part of our discovery, we had learned that while there was a wide selection of olive oils in stores, buyers may not have access to adequate knowledge to fully understand the reasons behind such variations in quality and price. There are all sorts of marketing labeling jargons for different types of olive oil that can come with different levels of quality, taste and price. Many Extra Virgin Olive Oils sold in stores are packaged with oils originated from different countries.  As a result, it is very hard to attest or guarantee their quality. Packaging and storage of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils sold in stores are not optimal to protect it from light and heat that causes loss of antioxidants and increase in rancidity in the oil.

To find a solution for these challenges, we have decided to use our relationships with small rural organic olive farmers in Spain. We visited their farms to observe their art of olive farming which they have perfected over many generations. We understood their commitment to protect the environment through sustainable farming practices. We then selected the farms that not only shares our environmental social values but also produced olives of superior quality with great diligence that have high Polyphenol content. 


We used the olives from these farms to make the brand, Almazara de Alcaraz at our mill in Spain within hours after harvest. We use our own unique specification to make this delicious varietal blend made from 100% organic Picual and Arbequina olives to produce an oil that is superior in quality, taste, freshness, and aroma. Furthermore, to achieve utmost freshness, we bottle our oil on demand just before the shipment in dark glass bottles. We then store it in a temperature and light controlled facility here in the United States to preserve its nutrients. 

Our brand, Almazara de Alcaraz has consistently won awards at various International olive oil competitions including NYIOOC, New York; BIOFACH, Germany; Ecotrama, Spain; and BioPress, Germany. It is also USDA Organic and Kosher certified.

What's special about Spanish olive oil?

Taste and Quality: Spain produces some of the world’s finest olives. Spain’s geography and climate with extensive mountain slopes, mild or cold winters, and long hot summers are ideal for olive cultivation.

By emphasizing the results of scientific progress and experimentation, Spain has raised the quality and diversity of its olive oils to the highest levels in history. Advanced growing systems, drip irrigation, integrated production and environment friendly growing practices lead to almost perfect fruits which are harvested at their optimum ripeness, when the oil content offers maximum aromas and flavors. In addition to the careful tending and harvesting of the fruit, the use of innovative extraction technology, adapted to the characteristics of each olive variety and their respective degrees of ripeness, yields oil that retains the multiple nuances that existed in the original fruit.

Spain is also the world’s leading source of the golden juice of the olive fruit, the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. United States consumes roughly 320,000 tonnes of olive oil per year. However, U.S only produces 5% of that. Almost 50% of the olive oil imported comes from Spain, followed by Italy.

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