Promoting Healthy Living through Environmental Sustainability


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Promoting Healthy Living through Environmental Sustainability

Producer of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gerard Louis

FounderEntrepreneur, Foodie


From our family's travels across Europe in the last two decades, Spain has captured a special place in our hearts for its gastronomy. We had learned that the secret ingredient to the delightful taste, aroma, and magnificent indulgence of every Spanish dish is the use of extra virgin olive oil from the olives of that region. 


After trying different brands in the U.S. supermarkets, we realized that it was a real challenge to find an olive oil that matched the taste and quality we had experienced in Spain. 


In the U.S., olives are primarily grown in California, Texas, and Georgia. Climatic conditions of the North-Eastern states are not suitable for olive cultivation. U.S. domestic production meets only 5% of the demand. Spain has some of the best olive varieties for flavor. Its geographical and climatic conditions are best suited to produce high-quality olives that are rich in polyphenols.

It presented several opportunities; introduce this high-quality delectable olive oil from Spain to U.S. consumers, educate U.S. consumers about one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet known for its health benefits, empower environmental sustainability, and promote rural economic development to attract the next generation of farmers.


So, I decided to break away from my 25+ years of the corporate world and founded Louis Organics in 2019. I bought a stake in a company made up of small rural sustainable organic olive farms located in the mountains of Sierra de Alcaraz, Albacete, Spain.

We produce the best tasting extra virgin olive oil made from olives of these farms on the mountain range with cold winters and long hot summers ideal for olive cultivation. We follow sustainable farming practices like manure as a natural fertilizer, fallen leaves compost, rainwater harvesting, crop rotation, integrated livestock, and cover crops. We take all measures to preserve its freshness, flavor, and nutrients by harvesting the olives using mechanical means and cold extracting the oil within hours of harvest. The result is intense fruity olive oil with a delightful balance of pleasant spiciness and bitterness taste of green almond, tomato, apple, and freshly cut grass. They are packaged in dark glass bottles at the mill and then stored in a temperature and light-controlled facility ready for shipping to customers. 


Our brand Almazara de Alcaraz is high in polyphenols and low in acidity produced using olives grown from the same farms using sustainable farming methods that are hard to find in supermarkets and membership wholesale clubs in the U.S. 

Gold awards received by our brand from major International food trade shows judged by world-renowned olive oil connoisseurs are an authoritative recognition of the quality. Consumers can find our brand only at farmers' markets, specialty food stores, and the Louis Organics online store.


Every bottle sold is empowering rural farmers to continue sustainable organic farming practices and motivate young farmers to sustain rural economic development.


We are a  certified minority-owned (MBE) small business (SBE) based in NJ. Louis Organics is a member of the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) and Specialty Food Association (SFA).

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