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Medium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil-USDA Organic-Kosher-16.9 fl oz

A fruity taste, a grassy scent, and a peppery or spicy finish.

Great on vegetables, in vinaigrettes, for salad dressing, and to make delicious bread dipping oils.


A medium intensity varietal blend made with 100% organic Picual added a touch of sweetness from 100% organic Arbequina to achieve a delightful balance of pleasant spiciness and bitterness taste with green fruity notes almond, tomato, apple, and freshly cut grass. The aroma is fresh and elegant with the wild scent of the mountains.


These olives are grown on sustainable organic farms, harvested using mechanical means, and the oil is cold extracted within hours after harvest.


Its design combines tradition and modernity. We bring it to you direct from the farm to deliver the freshest oil while empowering rural farmers. USDA Organic and Kosher certified.


The name Almazara de Alcaraz came from the Arabic language, meaning 'Alcaraz olive fruit milling place.’


Polyphenols (Mg/Kg): 450-600

Acidity: 0.11-0.18

Harvest: 2022/2023


Medium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil-USDA Organic-Kosher-16.9 fl oz

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  • Region and Olives:

    • From olive farms located in the southwest of Albacete, Spain. Picual olives are cultivated in the Sierra de Alcaraz on the border between Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia. Arbequina olives are cultivated in the plains of La Mancha.
    • Picual olives have high levels of polyphenols, an organic compound that is known to have antioxidant effects. It is very appreciated for its high stability, which gives it great resistance to high temperature and is ideal for cooking. These olives have fruity olive and tomato with a light peppery, bitter olive leaf taste concerning sensory characteristics.
    • Arbequina olives produce a very fluid and sweet oil, in which it is almost impossible to perceive bitter or peppery flavors. Its oil has a fruity aroma of olives, apple, banana, and almond.

    General uses:

    • Great on vegetables, in vinaigrettes, for salad dressing, on pasta, and to make delicious bread dipping oils.

    Pairs best with:
    • Salads, Vegetables, Bread, Pasta, Fish, Poultry.


    • 2023 Gold Award NYIOOC (USA)
    • 2022 Gold Award NYIOOC (USA)
    • 2021 World's Top 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOOLEUM
    • 2021 Great Gold Medal ecoTrama (Spain)
    • 2020 Gold Award NYIOOC (USA)
    • 2019 Great Gold medal ecoTrama (Spain)
    • 2018 Top 10 Award BIOFACH (Germany)
    • 2018 Gold medal ecoTrama (Spain)
    • 2017 Gold medal. Best of bioPress Olive Oil (Germany)
    • 2017 Silver medal ecoTrama (Spain)
    • 2017 Top 20 Award BIOFACH (Germany)
    • 2016 Top 10 Award & Best Spanish Organic Oil BIOFACH (Germany)


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